Testosterone, Testosterone, Testosterone

Testosterone, testosterone, testosterone. It’s good for both men and women and it seems that everyone wants more if it. The demand is there and so the nutritional supplement industry has responded with hundreds of products that they claim will boost that hormone so that you’ll become a real man, unless you’re a woman, with more muscle and sex drive.

But just how good are these supplements and doing the job of increasing your testosterone levels and giving you the promised results? In most cases, especially the ones that are most aggressively marketed, the answer is that they either have no effects or in some cases are counter productive.

Recently I was asked about a new testosterone booster product that’s available on numerous bodybuilding sites. The person asking was on TestoBoost and although he was/is getting good results, wanted to know if this product was worth trying.

Although I know that TestoBoost is the best testosterone product on the market I always keep an open mind about other products even though I know from several decades of experience that most nutritional supplement products on the market today are more hype than results. Marketing is all important while real world results are lowest on the totem pole.

There are literally hundreds of products on the market today that claim to increase/optimize testosterone levels in both men and women and most of them won’t do what they’re hyped up to do and the only increase you’ll see is the strain on your wallet.

This new product is no exception. In fact, while it’s being endorsed by a big name bodybuilder, it’s all hype and nothing in the literature says that it’s a homeopathic supplement, but that’s exactly what it is. The clue is that first of all the daily dose is so miniscule that water may in fact have more active ingredients, and secondly the names, while exotic sounding and confusing at the same time, are typical homeopathic nostrusm.

I consider homeopathic supplements and homeopathy in general to be one huge hoax, and any effects it might have are placebo effects – if you think it’s going to work then it will work, at least for a while until you realize that it’s all in the mind and not in the product. But we digress and I promise to cover homeopathy in detail in an upcoming article. Just to get a feeling about what I think of homeopathy have a look at http://www.ted.com/talks/james_randi.html.

Putting this new testosterone booster aside, as it should be, there are the other boosters on the market that are marketing miracle but not much else. The ones that seem to work may be because they actually have illegal anabolic steroids in them, which of course are not put on the label. There have been many examples of companies that sell bodybuilding supplements claiming anabolic effects that in fact contain anabolic steroids. A new twist is a B vitamin supplement, Healthy Life Chemistry Purity First B-50, which was recently found to contain the anabolic steroid methasterone.

Some testosterone boosters actually contain prohormones and as such are counter productive for many reasons. First of all they mostly have no anabolic/androgenic effects but will compete with testosterone for the androgen receptor and thus decrease androgenic/anabolic drive directly. And secondly they have an effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA) that results in a decreased production of natural testosterone both while you’re taking the supplement and for some time after you quit taking them. A no win situation no matter what else is in the supplements.

A true testosterone booster will do just that, boost your own production of testosterone by ramping up your own machinery to produce more testosterone and not have any dampening effects on the HPTA so that there are no adverse effects while on the product and none after going off the product.

So don’t go believing all the hype, even when the company in question does some impressive looking research to show how effective their product really is. That’s because research funded by a company to show how effective their product is, isn’t real research as it’s always a conflict of interest and tainted.

If you’re really interested in a natural testosterone booster that’s effective then have a look at my TestoBoost. TestoBoost is used by the more sophisticated bodybuilders and other athletes, including hundreds of Olympic athletes, not because they’ve been bombarded by mostly unscrupulous marketers, but because it works and the word is spread by word of mouth rather than ads and marketing.

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