Maximum Post Training Nutriton



Amino, GHboost, and MRP LoCarb Combo


Post Exercise Nutrition - Maximizing the Anabolic and Fat Burning Effects of Exercise


The nutrients you take in after you exercise are almost as important as the exercise itself in deciding the effects of exercise on body composition and performance.


In my view the ideal post training nutrition is different from the general consensus of carbohydrates alone or a combination of carbohydrates and protein. For some of my reasons see the article below – Post Exercise Carbohydrates are Counter Productive.


As such, I feel that post exercise supplements miss the mark and can actually be counter productive for maximizing body composition (improving muscle mass and decreasing body fat), improving performance, and enhancing recovery.


That’s why I put together a post training combo that combines three of my supplements and is meant to maximize the beneficial effects of exercise and improve recovery.


I’ve dubbed the new supplement combo Max PTN, short for Maximum Post Training Nutrition.


Max PTN consists of three supplements, Amino, GHboost, and MRP LoCarb. The combination of the three supplements will supply you with high levels of amino acids growth hormone, IGF-1, testosterone, and insulin, in your system, providing you with potent anabolic, fat burning, and performance effects.


While it’s the ideal post training nutritional combo for those who follow my phase shift diets, it’s also the ideal post training combo for those that don’t, and for both power and endurance athletes.




High levels of amino acids in the blood (hyperaminoacidemia) are a powerful stimulus for muscle protein synthesis after exercise. Amino provided a complex array of amino acids that acutely enhances the anabolic response to exercise. As well, amino acid supplementation has been found to be effective in maintaining the free androgen index as well as reducing the potential risk of sports anemia.


The use of Amino confers many benefits, especially to athletes that are overreaching including those in the pre-competition phase of training. These benefits included an increase in recovery, free testosterone, protein synthesis, muscle strength and force production, and a decrease in protein breakdown and anemia.[1],[2],[3] (Note that Amino is far superior and much more effective than the amino acid products used in these three studies.)


For more info on Amino see




However, it's also been shown that GH and IGF-I levels can be compromised by hard training and that the use of an amino acid supplement alone has little effect on this. As such there is also a need to boost the levels of these hormones when the athlete is training hard and likely overreaching.


GHboost provides that boost and increases GH and IGF-1 levels (serum IGF-I levels are controlled by growth hormone, insulin and nutrition) and provides a synergistic anabolic response with the increased insulin levels and sensitivity, while dissociating the metabolic effects of insulin on fat metabolism (because of the crosstalk between growth hormone and insulin signaling), and increasing the fat burning post training response. GHboost has several other benefits including working synergistically with Amino and the insulin response to increase musculoskeletal blood flow.


For more info on GHboost see


MRP LoCarb


I formulated MRP LoCarb as a meal replacement for those following the low carb phase of my phase shift diets. One serving contains 45 grams of protein (42 grams of whole proteins and 3 grams of amino acids and glutamine peptides), less than one gram of sugar, and dozens of extra nutrients meant to support the anabolic and fat burning processes in the body.


There are several protein types in MRP LoCarb, including amino acids, peptides, and whole proteins, which are meant to supply you with  progressive amino acid release over both the short and long term.


MRP LoCarb also contains 6-7 grams of fat (depending on the flavor), including the essential fatty acids. The fat is important in order to increase intramuscular triacylglycerol (IMTG) levels, a form of fat that is used by skeletal muscles along with glycogen to provide quick energy for muscular contraction. We’ll cover the ins and outs of IMTG, an important topic for all athletes, in an upcoming newsletter.


For more info on MRP LoCarb see


After Using the Max-PTN combo


For the rest of the day and before bed I suggest you have high protein, moderate fat, low carb meals and snacks as needed to keep the anabolic and fat burning effects going until at least the next morning. The chart of foods allowed on my Radical Diet (see ***** put link into chart) gives you an idea of the foods that are best. Of course the portions should be increased to keep the calorie intake at normal levels for you.


Night Time Combo


To augment the effects of Max-PTN and the low carb diet following training, you may also want to use something before bed to keep the processes going. I formulated NitAbol in part to augment the low carb anabolic and fat burning response to exercise. It can be used to keep all of the beneficial processes in high gear at night on the days that you train. For more info on NitAbol see


The Best Time to For Carbs


The morning following training is the best time to increase your carb intake if your goal is to maximize muscle and hepatic glycogen levels.




Overall, the lack of carbohydrates, the high levels of amino acids and proteins, and increased levels of testosterone, GH and IGF-1, work synergistically to increase the anabolic effects of insulin, while at the same time negating the effects of insulin on fat metabolism and increasing fat breakdown and oxidation. As well, hyperaminoacidemia with an increase in insulin at a time when blood flow is increased (secondary to insulin, GHboost, certain amino acids such as arginine in Amino, and exercise) appears to offer the maximum stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.


Power athletes will benefit from the anabolic and body composition effects secondary to increases in lean body mass and decreases in body fat, giving them a pound for pound edge in strength and performance.


For endurance athletes keeping post training carbs low provides the positive anabolic and fat burning effects, prolongs insulin sensitivity for several hours, and in the long run results in enhanced glycogen stores since delaying carb intake keeps insulin sensitivity and levels high so that increasing carb intake provides the same glycogen enhancing response as when carbs are taken immediately after training.


By delaying carb intake endurance athletes will get more anabolic and fat burning effects from their training while still maximizing glycogen levels once they start taking in more carbs.


Max-PTN Info


One order of Max PTN will last a variable amount of time for each of the products as outlined below. Depending on training frequency they can last up to three months. Each of the supplements is also available on their own so it’s easy to top up any of them as needed.


·         GHboost – 5 tablets immediately after training – 150 tablets per bottle.

·         MRP LoCarb – 1 packet an hour or so after training – 20 packets per box.




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