Fat, Skinny People

You don’t have to look fat to be overfat. In fact, most of us have some aspect of the fat, skinny person in them. That is we don’t weigh enough to be considered obese and in clothes we look OK. In fact, however, we’re carrying more fat than we should be and we’re usually carrying it in the wrong places.


A group of Italian scientists have found enough evidence for a normal-weight obese(NWO) syndrome.[i]This syndrome is characterized by people who are of normal weight but have a higher than normal fat mass. And with the higher fat mass comes some of the disadvantages of those who are metabolically obese, such as increases in pro-inflammatory cytokines and various metabolic abnormalities.


In this paper the authors state what to me and many others in the sports and fitness fields is only common sense, that:


A considerable number of individuals can be classified as obeseon the basis of BMI alone, and a misclassification could occurif the percentage of body fat mass is not considered to evaluateobesity. Therefore, screening for body fat distribution in personswith a normal or slightly elevated BMI is an important toolin the prevention of obesity-related diseases.


I’ve been championing the view that just measuring a person height and weight (Body Weight Index of BMI) is a relatively useless measurement in that it doesn’t tell you anything about body composition and thus the amount of fat a person is carrying. That’s why over a decade ago I came up with my Metabolic Index (MIDx – go to, which like the BMI involves the use of a person’s weight and height, and most importantly factors in body fat levels to give an index which accurately reflects body composition.


The point is that most of us, especially if we’re into bodybuilding, other sports or just fitness, don’t need to lose a lot of weight. What we do need to lose is some fat, and even more importantly stubborn fat in areas that we all feel are not only unhealthy but unsightly.


So what a lot of us really need is body shaping rather than to lose a lot of weight. If that’s the case then ThermoCell 35 is for you.


As well, because of its effects on breaking down body fat and burning it up as fuel, and it’s effects on increasing energy levels, it’s the perfect pre-training primer for those who want to maximize the effects of exercise on body composition.

The Competition


ThermoCell has a complex ingredient profile unlike any other thermogenic and fat loss product on the market today.


These ingredients set it apart from the rest of the less sophisticated and less effective formulations that are out there, including those that are presently leaders in this field. Unfortunately they’re leaders not because they have the best and/or most cutting edge thermogenic product but because they’ve been around so long and have deep marketing pockets. Pockets that allow them to “spread the word” and convince people that their product is the best, even though it isn’t.


As is usually the case the most heavily marketed nutritional supplement products are often the least effective and way overpriced for what you get. That’s because they have to charge much more for their products in order to pay their huge marketing budget and also of course to maximize profits.


But the marketing is usually effective in making people believe that their overvalued products can perform weight loss magic. By using deceptive marketing, for example, they can often convince you that their products, containing a half dozen or less active ingredients, often in low doses, and packaged as capsules or gels (both of which hold much less ingredients than specially packed pills), is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Besides being deceptive about the product itself, these companies use other tactics to convince you to buy. Tactics like phony testimonials, before and after pictures and endorsements, money back guarantees, advertorials (advertisements meant to look like articles), on line shills, etc.


For example the offering of a money back guarantees is one of the best signs that the product is overpriced and likely a scam.


The main reasons the not so reputable companies offer guarantees was explained to me by a supplement company that had a product on the market that was obscenely marked up. The supplement cost $3 to make and was sold for $150, and of course widely advertised even on TV. A few hundred thousand people were taken in by this scam and a lot of it had to do with their “ironclad” money back guarantee.


Even though the product was ineffective and a rip-off, they only had about a 10% return rate. Why? Apparently most people either think that for one reason or another it’s their fault that the supplement didn’t work or because they just can’t get around to returning the supplement within the allotted time (in this case 30 days).


And even with the 10% return rate they only honored about 2% of these by using delaying and other tactics.


So with this kind of scenario on returns and with the huge profits being made, you can see why the scammers offer guarantees on products that don’t what they’re advertised to do.


I formulated ThermoCell 35 tablets using a number of effective ingredients that work synergistically to decrease body fat and improve body composition. The product is made in a Pharmaceutical Grade Facility using the highest quality ingredients put into a compressed tablet format that dissolves completely in the gastrointestinal environment and as such quickly deliver the ingredients with the utmost efficiency.


The resulting delivery system and efficacy of ThermoCell 35 is a quantum leap above other forms of containment and delivery such as powder and liquid gel capsules, and other compressed tablets.


The bottom line is that no thermogenic and body shaping supplement on the market comes close to the effectiveness of ThermoCell 35.


For more information on ThermoCell 35 download the full PDF file from my store.




De Lorenzo A, Del Gobbo V, Premrov MG, Bigioni M, Galvano F, Di Renzo L. Normal-weight obese syndrome: early inflammation? Am J Clin Nutr. 2007 Jan;85(1):40-5.

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