Head injuries linked to dementia later in life

Many sports involve body contact and unavoidably head injuries. While the short term effects of head injuries has received a lot of press lately, with several papers updating the treatment of head injuries, and the guidelines for returning to the sport, little has been written about the long term effects.

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Can beauty be found in a bottle?

Most beauty products are applied to the outside of our bodies - skin, hair, nails, etc. However, there's evidence to show that true beauty shouldn't be a matter of covering things up but from making the body truly more beautiful from the inside out.

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Welcome to my new master site. A site that will allow me to connect with you in a way I haven’t been able to do in the past. Because of my medical knowledge, decades of experience, research, and many years of being in the sports and fitness trenches, and almost two decades as a world-class powerlifter, I believe I’ll be able to provide you with information, advice, and guidance that few people and sites in the world can duplicate.


Through articles, blogs, FAQs, detailed and targeted product information, and other means you’ll get thorough and cutting edge information on all aspects of health, fitness, body composition, training, sports performance, longevity, mixed in with some humor, critiques, and my personal views on some contentious issues.


I hope that you’ll come along for the ride. My fondest hope is that I can make a positive difference in your life, whatever your goals may be.

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